Kidney Stones? – Dissolve them & Remove the root cause!


Now a days kidney stones patients are increasing day by day, and searching for herbal alternative medicines. This is because, the patients are tired of formation of kidney stones often and often and often…..

Even after surgery or ESWL (lithotripsy) or PCNL the formation process remains on and the stones are formed again and again.

Ayurveda: The Indian Traditional Medical System – The Science of Life – The Nature has given so many herbs, that not only dissolve the existing kidney stones, but the root cause is removed successfully.

Almost all the diseases (except accidental cases), are just due to liver disorder and kidney disorders. Among the major organs in the body, liver is the main organ which acts like a Main Control Room. Whatever we eat drink goes to the stomach, where the food is transformed to RASA (Lymph), RAKTA (Blood), MAAMSA (Muscles), MEDAS (Fat), ASTHI (Bone), MAJJA (Bone marrow) and SHUKRA (Semen), slowly and steadily. This process takes some time, and the digested food slowly passes the intestine where the useful part is extracted and the waste is passed forward…….

Generally this digestion process takes three to four hours to digest completely, the food that we have swallowed in. If a person starts adding tea, coffee, snacks or any other unnecessary food and water including soft drinks, the digestive system gets hampered and the person feels digestive disorders like acidity, jaundice (hepatitis), gastric problems, peptic ulcers etc.,

Traditional Food Culture of any country is always the best, avoid any intake between two meals except water (drink water as much as you feel thirsty). Avoid yeast based bakery items and the junk food which is harmful for liver and kidneys in the long run……

Our medicine is in powder form, to be taken one teaspoonful with half cup of normal drinking water two times a day, after meals, for six weeks, that’s all.

Medicine being 100% herbal, safe and no side effect is there, and gives you more strength and functionality to your kidneys.

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